Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Zoo Quest at Fun Club

Today our monthly Christian home educators' group had a special visit from a group called Zoo Quest (unfortunately I can't find their web page). We split into under 8's and over 8's for a chance to meet some rainforest animals. I hadn't prepared Iona too much for it, partly as I wasn't sure what animals would be there, and partly because I didn't want her saying she didn't want to see the "creepier" ones. Sure enough, when it came down to it she didn't want to hold, or even stroke them, but I think she enjoyed seeing them on Mummy's hand (with the exception of the snake, which she was definitely nervous of)

Chile the tarantula - still too young to be handled.

Bob the corn snake

At least Mummy loved handling them, even the millipede, which has always grossed me out a bit when I've seen them on TV!

Afterwards, Iona got to meet a pair of guinea pigs, which she'd been hoping the woman would bring (I thought it unlikely, though). They weren't a part of the show, but the woman kindly got them out for Iona anyway, which thrilled her:

Before the Zoo Quest show we had our yearly bring and buy sale. I'd persuaded Iona to help me make some krispie cakes (some chocolate, some marshmallow) yesterday, and she had her first taste of capitalism by using the takings from selling them to buy 2 biscuits, 6 books, and a toy Shrek. Overall, a great success!

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