Sunday, 6 November 2011

A bit of a pyjama weekend

I'd planned to take Iona to our local museum on Friday for the under 5's event, where there were due to be real owls to meet. However, unfortunately she was a bit snuffly in the night and when she got up she ended up taking herself back to bed and sleep for nearly an hour. I therefore decided it would be better for her to have a pyjama day at home instead.

Luckily, the WW2 activity I'd planned for the day was looking at my old family photos from the '40's and '50's, particularly of Dad's service in India, so it wasn't too taxing for her. I showed Iona the scrapbook pages I'd made with several photos of Dad in 1942 and '43, and I also found plenty of photos of Mum from the same era, as well as their wedding and honeymoon photos from 1948. I was concerned that it might bore Iona, but, although she didn't seem too enthusiastic, she wanted to look at them again afterwards. I reminded her of what we had talked about the day before, and told her something about Dad's service in India.

By yesterday Iona seemed a bit more energetic, but my sore throat had got worse, so we still didn't do much. However, I again hadn't planned a lot - just watching the video I'd borrowed from our Christian home education group about India and relating it back to Dad's time in India. To begin with Iona was determined not to watch it, as she wanted to watch CBeebies, but after a while she got drawn in despite herself. I think a lot of the video went over her head, but I pointed out certain things of interest, and she was particularly interested in the pretty saris, so I showed her several more in the library books I'd borrowed: "Celebrate India" by Robyn Hardyman, and Dorling Kindersley's "India" by Manini Chatterjee and Anita Roy.

Today I had intended to create a mini-book with Iona about India, but having gone to the Salvation Army followed by Sunday School this morning, and still being somewhat ill, we were both quite tired, so I decided to leave it 'til tomorrow. One thing I have learned is that if I try to encourage Iona to do any "work" while she is tired it's a waste of time: she'll scream and refuse to go near it, possibly even screwing or tearing it up!!

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