Friday, 23 April 2010

A short history lesson

Today our Mums' Bible study met up in the town to choose our next study book. As we arrived a little early, Iona and I took our time walking up past the cathedral. On our way we passed the statue of Bonnie Prince Charlie on his horse, so I explained to Iona who he was, and that he wanted to make everyone Catholics. We then had a quick look inside the cathedral, where Iona had never been before, then went to meet the others at the bookshop. Much later, after we'd been home for a long time, I asked Iona who we'd seen a statue of, on his horse, behind the church. To my surprise, she replied "Charlie". I asked her what he wanted to make everyone, and she replied with a word very like "Catholic". I was amazed, as I'd never discussed this story with her before, but she'd obviously taken it in. She just absorbs words and facts at the moment!