Thursday, 6 January 2011

Mr Noah built an ark

Work with Iona on her morning Bible reading is going really well. Yesterday and the day before we read the story of Noah and the flood, and I decided to make a lapbook with her. I was amazed how much we got done in a short time. She enjoyed colouring pictures of Noah:

The colouring picture of Noah came from Christian Preschool Printables (

The minibook telling the story of Noah came from Lapbook Lessons ( They also had a layer book for practice measuring animals, but the link to this appeared to be broken, so I drew it myself. Iona received a ruler for Christmas as part of a present from someone at church, and had appeared somewhat interested in what it was, so I used this activity to demonstrate to her how to use a ruler to measure. I first asked her which animal was tallest; she said the elephant, but I showed her how the giraffe was taller. I then asked which was next tallest, and she said the elephant. Next I asked which was smallest, which she answered correctly, and likewise for the next smallest. Having put the animals in order, I put the ruler alongside the line next to each animal and helped her to read the nearest number. To begin with she seemed a little rusty on reading numbers, but soon got back into the swing of it.

The other minibook on this double page also came from Lilliput Station. I used it to document how we made rainbow shaped animals (Iona coloured them while I cut them out and assembled them) and Noah for Iona to play out the story. The animals were printed from (

On the next page I used some of the leftover printed animal heads from the rainbow animals to put inside a folded ark shape. I got the idea from Bible Kids Fun Zone ( but was not able to print it out as I am not a member. I liked this craft as it was reinforcing the message I was trying to teach Iona from the first half of the story.

The song on the next page was one I was taught when my Mum taught me in Sunday School:

Mr Noah built an ark.
The people thought it such a lark!
Mr Noah pleaded so,
But into the ark they would not go.
And the rain came down in torrents x3
And only 8 were saved.

Iona enjoyed me singing that to her, and demanded I sing it many times.

On the next page we completed a sequencing activity I found at Bible Story Printables ( Iona wasn't really concentrating, so needed some prompting from me, but she managed to put some of the pictures in the right order. On the opposite page is a water cycle wheel which I found with great difficulty using people's posts on Lapbook Lessons. The address is Iona coloured it in a little and I explained to her about water falling as rain, running along rivers, and into the sea, although I rather glossed over the last step. She was quite interested, although as we had watched on "Come Outside" ( that morning about the sewer system she thought that water from rivers flowed into the sewer!

Finally we talked a little about rainbows, although not too much as Iona already knows the colours from one of her other favourite programmes, "Show Me, Show Me" ( I drew a rainbow and coloured it in, then drew another for Iona to colour. I labelled it with the 2nd day's lesson - God keeps his promises - and Iona kept saying "God promises me" as she "coloured in" the writing (translation: coloured over it so it became illegible!).

I also taught her another song my Mum had taught me in Sunday School:

When you see a rainbow, remember God is love x2
Yes, God is love x2
When you see a rainbow, remember God is love.

This was even more popular than the other song, and I had great difficulty persuading Iona to let me stop singing it!

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