Monday, 10 January 2011

Father Abraham

Work with Iona on her morning Bible studies continues. We have now begun studying the story of Abraham. We spent a couple of days looking at God's call to him, which was quite hard to find online resources about. I emphasized how Abraham trusted God, who looked after him, as well as telling her the simplified story of how we moved to our current house before she was born. In addition, we played a little bit at travelling. Yesterday and today we read and talked about Abraham giving Lot the choice of where to move to. That was a little easier to find resources for, but there still wasn't much about, especially as she seems to be a lot less careful about colouring in the last week, possibly because I've given her too many sheets lately. We talked about sharing, and I demonstrated fair sharing with some sweets she was eating. I also followed the suggestion of and did an activity with Iona sorting coloured bricks, as Abraham and Lot had to sort their flocks and herds. This gave her a bit of practice in an important maths skill, and I found she could do it quite easily - so much so, in fact, that she got distracted partway through and insisted on building with the bricks instead!

Moving on from Bible study, we have also continued to practise with the reading flashcards. Introducing "knee" threw her at first, but by today she seemed to have some idea of which was which out of that and "hand" so I asked her if she wanted to learn another word. She said yes, so I showed her the flashcard for "foot". I don't know if that's too soon, as I wanted her to overlearn each word, to give them the best chance of "sticking". However, it's a fine balance between that and her getting bored of doing the same old words, so I took the chance, and she was very happy to be taught another word. We'll have to see how she does with recognising it tomorrow.

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