Sunday, 22 May 2011

Drawing progress

I can't get over how quickly Iona is growing up. It seems only a matter of weeks since she was doing random squiggles on paper, though she would tell us that they were of particular things. Suddenly, at Sunday School one week, she put 3 dots resembling eyes and nose on a blank face shape:
Was I imagining it?! Apparently not, as a few weeks later, on 14th April, she produced these faces:

3 days later, she added some hair and legs (although got slightly confused with the number of mouths!):
2 days later she surprised me once again, by producing people with eyes, noses, mouths, hair, arms and legs:

She sometimes since has added circles for cheeks, and will sometimes put some for ears, although lately she has taken to making the eyes a little less complex and just doing them as dots. I presume this is because her attention is now being drawn to detail elsewhere.

Within the last 3 weeks she has started trying to draw animals. This began spontaneously on 2nd May when she drew this elephant:
Notice the ears either side of the head and the long trunk in the middle. She has since drawn a lion and a tiger on birthday cards for friends, although I didn't think to photograph them. I reminded her what she needed to put on, but the lion had a lovely mane, while the tiger had definite stripes.

The final picture here follows her birthday, when she had several cakes and candles in one week. She told me she was drawing a birthday cake, and drew the top shape as a cake with candles. She then drew another cake at the bottom of the page, and surrounded it by people, saying it was Iona, Mummy and Daddy with a birthday cake:


  1. oh quite a little artist, I love childrens first drawings :)

  2. Me too. I'm finding it all fascinating!