Saturday, 2 April 2011

Solomon's Temple is completed

At last, after a long hiatus in our efforts (partly caused by the weather getting a bit cooler and wetter - I really don't like painting in the house), Solomon's Temple has been completed!

It's not particularly impressive, but the best we could do with the materials I could find, and we talked a lot about what the different bits were. The description of the temple being covered in gold came from the children's Bible we've been reading, but we got a better description from this site. Wish I'd found it before I began making the model with Iona, as I'd probably have done it differently, but she really enjoyed making it:

This is the first time Iona's managed to paint something like this herself so well without much help from me. She finished it yesterday by painting the pillars, which fitted in well with her Bible story, about King Joash, who redecorated Solomon's temple.

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