Friday, 11 September 2009

Up and down

I was so proud today - for the first time Iona got the hang of a slide and used it independently! We try to get along to our local home education group fortnightly get-together when we can, at the JJB Sports soft play area, although we haven't now been for a couple of months, as it's been conflicting with the, also fortnightly, toddler group at church. However, due to a mix-up over dates, we went today but no-one else did. It wasn't a total waste, though, as Iona had a lovely time playing in the toddlers' part of the soft play area. As I said last time, she's definitely getting the hang of ball pools, and I've previously put her at the top of the slide for her to slide down into it. I've also tried putting her at the bottom of the "steps" up it, but she wouldn't climb up. Well, this time she did ...

She then turned herself round and slid down on her front, feet first:

Then she "surfed" across the ball pool,

Mummy hoisted her out of the ball pool, and she crawled back to the steps, ready to begin the cycle again. It may not seem like much, but it's the first time she's done the whole cycle (with just a bit of help getting out of the ball pool) herself!

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